A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Wall jump you way to the top in this arcade-y game! Avoid obstacles and win medals by collecting coins and finishing as fast as you can!

Designed for mobile devices, Blob Climb uses only one button to control Blobby, the cute little blue blob who can jump as high as hsi power lets it.

Avoid spiky bushes and strange enemies, collect lots of coins, get to the goals as fast as you can and for your own sake, keep jumping!

DISCLAIMER: Levels 6 through 10 are just copies of level 5. I didn't have time to design them, so don't think the game is glitched or something. Sorry!

Install instructions

Android version is recommended, but you can play it just fine on windows.


Just download the APK file on your phone or tablet (make sure your phone accepts foreign files)


Download and unzip the file, then just run the executable. You may want to play the game with your mouse since the game is weirldly mapped to various keyboard keys, but like I said, this game is specifically made for mobile devices.


Blob_Climb.apk 12 MB
Blob_Climb.zip 5 MB


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Really good finished game.